[v8i SS3 vba] Count smart solid/surface?

Hi fellow hackers,

I am looking for a way to count "smart" elements using VBA.

I plan to use the ElementEnumerator together with BuildArrayFromContents, to get the count.
According to this old post from 2012, the smart elements should be exposed in vba by now, but I don't see that. I really don't wanna go through all the elements if I don't have to, but anything will be better than nothing.

- I don't see them anywhere in the manual?
- The ElementScanCriteria does not have any msdElementType constant defined that indicates it is a smart element. (like msdElementTypeShape would be used to filter shapes)

I speculate..

They might be cell elements, and the elementenumerator still doesn't know how to find them?
Maybe I must use the ElementScanCriteria IncludeSubtype? But I see no information about the subType (assuming) constants anywhere in the manual. All the manual says is that the subType is a long?

Maybe I don't have the "new" vba installed? I notice the title of the F1-Help document says Microstation V8 Visual Basic for Applications help, (and not v8i SS3)

But any ideas on how to get the count of smart solids/surfaces are welcome :)

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