[CONNECT VBA] PropertyHandler SetValue doesn't work?


it seems property handler SetValue method doesn't work in MicroStation CONNECT Edition

Simple test code:

Sub ProcessShapes()
    Dim esc As ElementScanCriteria
    Set esc = New ElementScanCriteria
    esc.IncludeType msdElementTypeShape
    Dim ee As ElementEnumerator
    Set ee = ActiveModelReference.Scan(esc)

    Do While ee.MoveNext
        ProcessElement ee.Current.AsShapeElement
End Sub

Private Sub ProcessElement(el As ShapeElement)
    Dim ph As PropertyHandler
    Set ph = CreatePropertyHandler(el)
    Dim accstr() As String
    accstr = ph.GetAccessStrings
    If (True = ph.SelectByAccessString("Weight")) Then
        ph.SetValue "7"
    End If
End Sub

In MicroStation V8i this code changes the weight of all found shapes to 7, in CONNECT Edition it does nothing. I tested also other access string with the same (bad) results.

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