[Connect C++] Icon commands and CmdItemListRsc's

One of our applications includes a lot of icon commands and associated CmdItemListRsc's. According to the documentation the CmdItemListRsc's should be added like this:

{{2 * XC, GENY(1), 0, 0}, ToggleButton, TOGGLEID_LockGrid, ON, 0, "", ""},
{{2 * XC, GENY(2), 0, 0}, ToggleButton, TOGGLEID_LockGraphicGroup, ON, 0, "", ""},
This works fine in V8i, but in MS Connect the first line gives me a compiler error saying: "error: not an integer constant".
The dlogdemo example uses an enum value instead of the command number. When i try this the application can be compiled but the items doesn't appear as tool settings.
What can I do to go on?
TIA, Evan
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