Print Organizer issues in VBA

I have an issue (I know it's a bug as per Bentley) where I cannot get the Print Organizer to load the workspace in VBA.  

I have also figured out that loading the active design file using $(_dgnfile) is the main part of the issue.  If I pull the actual value for $(_dgnfile) and use that in the VBA, the file will attempt to load.  This is where my latest issue is.

The PO will show that it is "Checking Out Documents..." and stay hung.  I have MS_PRINTORGANIZER_OPEN_DGN_READWRITE=0.  I tried 1 based on other forum posts and that went horribly wrong.

Here is the commands I use:

mdl load bentley.microstation.printorganizer.dll

printorganizer new

printorganizer printerDriver pdf.pltcfg

printorganizer add file {Actual File Name} sheet1

printorganizer submitas single

printorganizer printdestination C:\temp\1.pdf

printorganizer print all

printorganizer exit

Any help is greatly appreciated.  This has run into dozens of hours for a stupid bug that may/may not be ever fixed.  

This is MS version



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