[V8i - MDL/CPP] Bug in mdlPattern_addAssociative in V8i SS4 (

Hi all

We've found a bug in mdlPattern_addAssociative (and in mdlPattern_addAssociative2 as well). If you use code like this:

PatternParams	patPar;

memset(&patPar, 0, sizeof(patPar));
patPar.modifiers |= PATMOD_SPACE1;
patPar.modifiers |= PATMOD_ANGLE1;
patPar.modifiers |= PATMOD_COLOR;
patPar.space1 = 5000;
patPar.angle1 = fc_pi / 4;
patPar.color = 3;

rc = mdlPattern_addAssociative(edPP, 0, 0, &patPar, NULL, NULL, PATTERN_HATCH, mdlModelRef_getActive());

the function returns SUCCESS, BUT at first glance it seems like no pattern have been added to the shape (edPP). But if you use the "Show Pattern Attributes" tool you will se that PA (pattern angle) is zero and PD (pattern distance) is zero as well.

In V8i SS3 this works just fine...

Regards, Evan