[V8i C++] MstnElementSetTool and complex element "picking"

I've got a question about how to develop a MstnElementSetTool that needs to be able to select text elements in order to "fill-in" an existing Data Field. I imagine the tool to work in the following manner:


1. User "nominates" text element containing data field with datapoint.

2. User "accepts" text element with datapoint. I save the ElementRef.

3. User now "nominates" other text elements ( 1 or more ) via single element "picks" or DragSelect. Tool also supports CTRL+/- of text elements.

4. User "accepts" the second (possibly multiple) selection.

5. I do some magic with the second group of text elements and create a single, final text string that gets put into the initial text's enter data fields. 


I suspect it's somehow possible to determine when I complete step 2. but I'm not sure how to "restart" the element selection process for step 3 and beyond.




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