[CONNECT DgnPlatformNet] How do I spell IViewManager::UpdateView in C#?

The DgnPlatformNet ViewPort class documentation includes this note: To update the view, see IViewManager::UpdateView or IViewManager::UpdateViewDynamic.

But IViewManager is part of the C++ MicroStationAPI, not part of DgnPlatformNet.  There isn't a documented ViewManager for .NET. 

  • What is the .NET equivalent of IViewManager.UpdateView()
  • Why doesn't the DgnPlatformNet ViewPort have an UpdateView() member?
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  • Regarding the native API: because the concept of a 'viewport' is defined in an abstract way, in DgnPlatform.
    The platform-specific details of how we actually draw to a viewport (e.g., via win32 API etc) is implemented at a higher layer.

    Regarding the managed API: you are never going to be able to do *everything* in managed code that you can in native code.
    Maybe you should describe why you feel you need to update the viewport, and why that has to happen in managed code, and we can try to figure out a solution.
  • Unknown said:
    Maybe you should describe why you feel you need to update the viewport

    I'm attempting to focus a view on a particular element.  Here's where I'm setting the view origin & extent...

    viewInfo.SetGeometry(elementCentre, elementDelta, rotation);
    viewGroup.SetViewInformation(viewInfo, nView);
    viewGroup.SynchViewDisplay(nView, false, true, false); 

    When I run the code I see no change in the view.  If I update the view manually, I see the view focus on the element.  My assumption is that I need to update the view after SynchViewDisplay().

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions