[CONNECT DgnPlatformNet] How do I spell IViewManager::UpdateView in C#?

The DgnPlatformNet ViewPort class documentation includes this note: To update the view, see IViewManager::UpdateView or IViewManager::UpdateViewDynamic.

But IViewManager is part of the C++ MicroStationAPI, not part of DgnPlatformNet.  There isn't a documented ViewManager for .NET. 

  • What is the .NET equivalent of IViewManager.UpdateView()
  • Why doesn't the DgnPlatformNet ViewPort have an UpdateView() member?
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  • Unknown said:
    I believe you may be able to achieve an update for the desired view doing something like the pseudo-code below

    Thanks for the hint!  It set me on a path of exploration which arrived at a reasonable result.  I'll write it up and publish in the next day or two.

    Unknown said:
    dgnfile.GetViewGroups ().MakeActive (grp, false)

    It's a bit flishy-flashy!  There's a visible glitch as we switch ViewGroup.  Also, the user loses the Previous history option when right-clicking in the view.


    I wrote an article DgnPlatformNet: Focus on an Element that describes an ElementLocator class.  It includes a work-around for the absence of IViewManager::UpdateView in the DgnPlatformNet.  It's not perfect: I would prefer simply to redraw a view without the work-around.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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