[CONNECT C#] How to apply pick lists to other data types than strings

I sucessfully managed to create and apply PickLists to the properties in my Item Types. Really useful!

My problem is that PickList values are strings and I get a data converison error if I try to use the PickList on anything else than string properties. Perhaps I should use the 

PickListValueChangedEventHandler but I cannot figure out how this is done. The documentation is as always quite limited.
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  • Can anyone tell me what PickList is doing in MicroStation?

    Search the MicroStation CONNECT Update 7 documentation (not the API documentation) carefully, where Picklists are mentioned a couple of times in conjunction with Item Types.  They enable an admin. to specify a list of values that can be applied to an Item Type instance. 

    I believe that they may be the answer to this idea.  More may be revealed in Update 8.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions