level override colors off

Win 7 V8i, I have searched found the following but do not seem to understand

ActiveDesignFile.levels("Kerb Invert").UsingOverrideColor=False

And make sure you update the design file with:


Same thing with .UsingOverrideLineStyle and .UsingOverrideLineWeight

Remember that you will only see the effects of an override colour if you have 'Level Overrides' on in Microstation. That can also be changed using code (see the .DisplayLevelSymbology property) .

There is a fair bit of help in the Microstation VBA Help file.

I tried using the VBA record feature , did not work after the record.

All I want to do is opent the level Manager go to overide select all and then turn off. I can do it manually but have to do it very oftern when working on changes to older .dgn files and the overrides mess up changes wanted by my boss. He has specific colors and weights and so on The script files I have 


' active symbology bylevel
m,ms Level 7, 0,7,1 Orange

will not work because the overrides block the color, after reading the above I tried more key-in, could not discover with Levels or Levelmanager how to just simply turn off the override color

I looked in some books my great friend Lorys recommended, did not find Level Override when searching the .pdf books. Part of my probllem is failure to ask the question correct when searching. I also looked in the F1 help which had Level symbology and override properties about printing.  Hope this will help someone help me find the answer