Using or retrieving information from existing Script Files

My example is this: 

Sub A01set()
' 060618 - Set Level 1 with all selections 1, Testing
' Send a keyin that can be a command string

' CHANGE BELOW STATMENT TO COMMENT, was opening the key-in command
' CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "DIALOG CMDBROWSE"

CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "lv=1"
CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "co=1"
CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "lc=0"
CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "wt=1"

CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "m,ms 060618"

End Sub

The above works fine, but hard to change on the fly. Meaning if a drawing comes in and Level 1 is color 3 I have scripts that contain current file settings and I touch a button and the key-in command runs the script. I have had times the script files are not working ?? but if I go to manual key-in commands

Example: lv=1;co=3;lc=0;wt=1 it will work when the same script file failed

Script Example:

Active Level Level 1
' active symbology bylevel

So I was wondering if I used VBA to read the script and send the commands it would clearup the occasional failure ?

you can see the number keys, they set the level and the other attributes the lower row key is a pulldown of the script files and gives me direct access to the files and once per .dgn I may have to change color, or linestyle or weight . so I speed up the process by matching the script files to each .dgn not often changes but a time saver an only 1 change per drawing. I wondered if I used the VBA reading my scripts if it would avoid the few times the key-in seems to fail? I create on my time to improve my productivity or preformance.

I am not a programmer, I have tried the record but it will not seem to record some things. Jon I read some of your comments and if this has been discussed, please point me in the right direction. 

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