[CONNECT C++] ElementAgenda Hilight/Clear Hilight

My command successfully interrogates elements.  It gathers an ElementAgenda and then ElementAgenda::Hilite to show user the elements that matched some criteria.

AreaAnnotator Search dialog

When the ElementAgenda is destroyed the elements remain hilighted in MicroStation's views.  If user wants to interrogate elements using new criteria, I want to remove the highlights from the elements selected by an earlier query. But at that point the ElementAgenda holding the highlighted elements is history: it has been destroyed. 

Is there a quick way to find existing hilighted elements and clear their highlight state, either...

  • As a user?
  • Programmatically?
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  • I can not find ElementAgenda.ClearHilite()

    The MicroStationAPI help is not always easy to use.  My preferred approach is to use the Search pane and click on the xxx Struct item (in this case, the ElementAgenda Struct Reference)...

    I start my addin and want to search reModel for any selected elements

    That is solved by the SelectionSet Manager or by ElementAgenda::BuildFromElementSet.

    However, that's not my problem.  When you use ElementAgenda::Hilight the highlighted elements are not added to a Selection Set.  They belong to the ElementAgenda.  But, when the ElementAgenda is destroyed, the highlights remain.  Since the highlighted elements are not members of a Selection Set, there's no way to retrieve them.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions