Foreign language display issue in CONNECT

I have migrated from old MDL application to the 64-bit MicroStation Connect environment. However there are still a lot of resources, such as tool dialogs and messages defined in traditional .R format. They were previously localized to multiple languages in MBCS (code-page) format and it worked in their own language platforms because those strings would display properly in non-Unicode applications if matching OS language settings.

Now, CONNECT is Unicode based application, and mdlResource_loadWString is the ONLY API to get a string from .rsc (we still built a .ma file paired with .dll file). It never read in the string right. I tried to provide .R file in mbcs (flat file), UTF-8, UTF-8 with BOM. None of them worked properly. Each have a different result but all are wrong. I need to see a sample with Asian language (such as Japanese translation) paired and demonstrated how to support localization with the old R files.

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  • Hi ,

    I just wanted to follow up to see if 's response to try modifying the SDK Example (examples\DialogBoxes\DialogBoxDemo) helped you to test and/or resolve this issue.

    If the code you have migrated over is still exhibiting an issue please consider modifying one of these delivered examples that should also perform similarly to YongAn's approach.


    Both SDK examples (and there are more) help to illustrate concepts discussed in the SDK help file (MicroStationAPI.chm) under parent help Topics:  "Dialog Resource Integration" and "Localization and Internationalization Guide".

    Thank you,