[CONNECT] Place Normal Cell Instance from Library

The MicroStationAPI and the DgnPlatformNet have a CreateSharedCellElement() method (as of Update 10).

Why isn't there a C++ .NET similar method for normal cells?  Consider these existing methods:

  • VBA:  CreateCellElement2 
  • MicroStationAPI: mdlCell_getElmDscr  
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  • i wanted to note that if you attach any item types to your cell or (elements in your cell) and have text fields to display the values of properties in that attached item type in your cel lib and then try to use CreateCellElement2 and add it to your model the cell will be placed but all the text fields that link to an item property are broken

    Bentley Systems tell us that Tags are obsolete because Item Types are better.  However, you've observed one area where Item Types cannot be used successfully as a replacement for Tags.

    Please vote for this idea, whose implementation would go towards solving that problem.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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