how to avoid starting MDL applications after terminating MircoStation by closing the main window Alt+F4


when closing the main window of the MicroStation Connect program, our MDL application gets informed by the unload-function (mdlSystem_setFunction(SYSTEM_UNLOAD_PROGRAM,...) and the exit design file function mdlSystem_setFunction(SYSTEM_EXIT_DESIGN_FILE_STATE,... Now we close all dialogs, terminate the ribbons, free all memory, but after restarting MicroStation Connect our application gets startet by MicroStation automatically. In V8i and all older MicroStation Versions our application was terminated. Perhaps this behaviour is useful for some users - but for our customers ist not sensefull.

Is there a MicroStation variable to avoid starting MDLs automatically after closing MicroStation by closing the window (Alt+F4) ?

Kind regards,

Willi Spiegel

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