[CONNECT .NET] CONNECT Update 11 SDK: Build ManagedItemTypesExample fails in Visual Studio

I can open the MicroStation CONNECT Update 11 SDK command window and invoke BuildAllExamples.bat successfully.

If I change to folder \Annotatation\ManagedItemTypesExample and execute openSln.bat in the same SDK command window then Viz Studio opens and loads that project.

However, when I build that project in Viz Studio the build fails.  Viz Studio complains that it can't create temporary files in


If I create those folders (obj, Debug) manually then Viz Studio builds successfully.

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  • Maybe you started Visual Studio with as a normal users, so it was not possible to created the folder because of restricted access rights?

    I started Viz Studio using openSln.bat from the SDK shell.  Presumably the Viz Studio process inherits the Windows environment of that shell: I guess that's the raison d'être of openSln.bat.

    I raise this issue not because it gives me a problem — I don't normally use the SDK shell — but to give a hint to the BDN team that there remain hiccups in the delivered tools.  Beginners will find such build errors difficult to understand and fix.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions