[CONNECT .NET] CONNECT Update 11 SDK: Build ManagedItemTypesExample fails in Visual Studio

I can open the MicroStation CONNECT Update 11 SDK command window and invoke BuildAllExamples.bat successfully.

If I change to folder \Annotatation\ManagedItemTypesExample and execute openSln.bat in the same SDK command window then Viz Studio opens and loads that project.

However, when I build that project in Viz Studio the build fails.  Viz Studio complains that it can't create temporary files in


If I create those folders (obj, Debug) manually then Viz Studio builds successfully.

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  • and Jan,

    Thank you for your feedback/input.  I was simply providing some quick relative insight on "current conditions" why LUA is not possible, and that I will be looking to "make further improvements" for tools and examples to be run under LUA, Another (likely minor) issue is to identify a developer-friendly default build output location that still can provide convenient MicroStation loading of native and managed developer built applications.  I do try to provide some insights on related thread topics for information, or feedback and if determined better (by you our external developers) try/start to use discussion threads vs. question threads if that may help.

    Thank you,

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