[CONNECT .NET] CONNECT Update 11 SDK: Build ManagedItemTypesExample fails in Visual Studio

I can open the MicroStation CONNECT Update 11 SDK command window and invoke BuildAllExamples.bat successfully.

If I change to folder \Annotatation\ManagedItemTypesExample and execute openSln.bat in the same SDK command window then Viz Studio opens and loads that project.

However, when I build that project in Viz Studio the build fails.  Viz Studio complains that it can't create temporary files in


If I create those folders (obj, Debug) manually then Viz Studio builds successfully.

  • PMFJI, I can reproduce Jon's issue on my machine as below:

    I checked Output path property of this project, its value is ..\..\..\..\..\..\PROGRA~1\Bentley\MICROS~2\MICROS~1\mdlapps\.

    After I changed it to C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\Mdlapps, build action doesn't need obj\Debug folder anymore. So I guess it maybe this Output path setting problem(VS can't find Output path, then it will create output file in local directory's obj\Debug folder).

     Weird thing is, when I copied ..\..\..\..\..\..\PROGRA~1\Bentley\MICROS~2\MICROS~1\mdlapps\ back to Output path field and rebuild this project, no error occured.

  • ,

    Thank you for the additional review. I will certainly see if we can ensure Examples having Microsoft Visual Studio projects/solutions compile directly from within the developer shell (if possible), and certainly still compile w/o any issues from the developer shell - working towards a LUA set of permissions.


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