[CONNECT C++] ElementGraphicsTool vs DgnElementSetTool

I want to write a cell picker tool.  My goal is to modify a nested cell inside the picked cell element.

I started to write a picker class inheriting from DgnElementSetTool. On reviewing the MicroStationAPI help doc., I wonder if a class inheriting from ElementGraphicsTool would be a better choice?  There is no example of ElementGraphicsTool that would influence my decision.

  • Hi Jon,

    Does Brien's prior response help clarify any? ElementGraphicsTool is a subclass of DgnElementSetTool. MstnElementSetToolset provides an agenda that can be overridden by _ProcessAgenda/_FilterAgendasEntries?

    MSCE U11 does provide a couple ElementGraphicsTool examples that may provide some help too:

    • examples\Elements\CurveExample\CurveVectorExample.cpp:28
    • examples\Elements\exampleSolids\exampleParametricFeatureTree.cpp:36
    • examples\Elements\Polyfacetool\PolyfaceConvertTool.cpp:101

    Let me know if this helps or further refine a new question.

    Thank you,