[V8i] Should MDL developers uninstall Connect Advisor?

Hi folks,

This is more of a discussion than a question. I noticed some time ago I couldn't load and unload my MA's cleanly during development. It seemed my resource file would get locked and only provide me read-only access after the first time it was run. I thought maybe I had left it open after calling:

if ( ( iRet = mdlResource_openFile ( &main_rfHandle, NULL, RSC_READWRITE ) ) != BSISUCCESS )

However this was not the case, I hadn't changed anything in the way I closed the resource file on unload.

Eventually I stumbled upon a file unlock tool ("LockHunter"), and this reported to me that the application that was locking my MA file was "Bentley.Connect.Advisor.Service.exe". Sure enough, uninstalling Bentley's Connect Advisor made all of my resource problem go away, and I no longer had to reload MicroStation for every debug session. My guess is that this program is opening files and not closing them properly.

It occurred to me that this problem probably started occurring around the time Connect Advisor came out in SS4. I don't think I'm the first seasoned developer to notice this either. See also:communities.bentley.com/.../405891

Since Connect Advisor slows down MicroStation startup considerably, offers little improved functionality beyond alerting me to new MicroStation builds and messes up development, I can't see a reason to keep it around.

Does anyone find it useful? Will this ever get fixed?

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