Correct structure for vba run Project module macro

Mirostation V8i series 3

I read Some information Jon had put up but I am not getting the name or the module or something correct

I have a file named Fillet.mvba in module 1 are the macros trying to run fillet005.

I have tried a number of combinations to no avail, I tried to copy from a previous question which had [Project Name] Module name macro name.

VBA RUN [projectName]moduleName.subProcedure clipped from the other answer. I am not getting something right


vba run [MyVBAProject]MyModule.MySubProcedure    

vba run [MyVBAProject]MySubProcedure

vba run fillet module1-fillet005

vba run [fillet]module-fillet.fillet-fillet005

vba run [fillet]fillet.fillet-fillet005

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  • Thank you, I thought I had read where you could add another VBA FileName then Module and then vba macro name

    I thought it could be handy, so made a couple extra VBA files and never could get to run a specific macro. I get confused on some of the information I read. That was why I tried posting what I clipped out, perhaps out of context. Thank you Jan

    Version: MicroStation V8i SS 10

    RJB Phillips III (Richard) Praise the Lord for His Mercy and grace in Christ Jesus

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