How to check whether the Cell is copied from another cell, or how to check two Cells has the same geometries?

Hi Experts,

  I have a simple model with Just one Cell, then I copy the Cell and place the copied Cell to the model twice,  the model looks as below, and i have attached the .dgn model

I am running a Microstation CE.

copied items.dgn

now with the api, i can get 3 cells,  the quesiton is that how can i check whether those cells have the same geometry, only difference is the postion/transformation.  is it possible to tell the source Cell of a copied cell.

I just want to know those cells have the same geometry(except the position/transformation).



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  • I just copy a Cell and paste the Cell twice.

    If so, how could they be different?

    the same geometry means consist of same geometry element, same size

    An idea: scan all the sub elements in both cells, check each sub elements, if they are all same(you can define what means "same"), then the two cells are same.

    check whether the later 2 Cells is copied from the first Cell

    I don't think there is such function to record the source of the cell, they are independant elements. The most closest workaround, judge by the createdtime of the element? The copied cell must be later then the source cell. Is it OK for you?