[CE U10 MVBA] CreateTransientElementContainer1 question

Hello All,

The following codes come from help:

Sub ShowTransientElements1()
    Dim ele As LineElement
    Dim flags As MsdTransientFlags
    flags = msdTransientFlagsOverlay + msdTransientFlagsSnappable

    Set ele = CreateLineElement2(Nothing, Point3dFromXYZ(15.696, 25.045, -0.64), Point3dFromXY(20.194, 23.7592))
    Set tec1 = CreateTransientElementContainer1(Nothing, flags, msdViewAll, msdDrawingModeHilite)
    'Set tec1 = CreateTransientElementContainer1(ele, flags, msdViewAll, msdDrawingModeHilite)

    Set ele = CreateLineElement2(Nothing, Point3dFromXYZ(15.696, 23.759, -0.64), Point3dFromXY(20.194, 25.045))
    tec1.AppendCopyOfElement ele

End Sub

Pay atttention to the codes CreateTransientElementContainer1, if the first parameter is Nothing, it works fine in V8i MVBA, but failed in CE U10 MVBA, it shows "Bad element". Can anyone help me to test  it in CE U11? Thank a lot.

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