[VBA V8i] Turning Off PDF Layers via Macros - Can it be done?

I tried recording a macro, but it only recorded a key-in to open the PDF Layers dialog box, but it did not record any dialog events. As my MDL skills have really atrophied, I was hoping someone may have the knowledge of some wrapper function that we could use. TIA  

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  • Hi ,

    Do you mind providing a screen capture of the exact dialog and settings (as an example) of what you are trying to control?  This will make sure I know w/o question what tool/area you are looking to influence.  Print Organizer (pset files) could certainly influence levels on/off for printing to PDF, although (now) it sounds like you have an existing PDF (not new) that you would like to modify layers (levels) displaying; possibly as a reference or other way I wish to clarify.

    Thank you in advance,