[CONNECT C++] Adding an AssociativePoint

In my DgnElementSetTool, I'm placing a cell at the projection of the cursor to the picked element. The cell gets placed, but the association is not correct - the cell has a dashed outline. What am I missing? I can successfully create a Dependency Linkage, but not an AssociativePoint....

private:	StatusInt _OnElementModify(EditElementHandleR eeh) override
	DgnButtonEvent			ev;

	EditElementHandle		eehCell(m_masterCell, true);    // copy the original cell
	if (CreateSymbol(eehCell, ev))
		AssocPoint			assocPoint;
		AssociativePoint::InitOrigin(assocPoint, 0);//0=default, 1-9= LL, UL, UR, LR, CL, UC, CR, LC, CC, can be used for element types: cell headers, shared cells, text nodes and text elements.
		if (AssociativePoint::IsValid(assocPoint, eeh.GetDgnModelP(), eehCell.GetDgnModelP()))
			BentleyStatus		bStatus = AssociativePoint::SetRoot(assocPoint, eeh.GetElementId(), 0);
			StatusInt			iStatus = AssociativePoint::InsertPoint(eehCell, assocPoint, 0, 1);
    return SUCCESS;

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