is it possible to check whether the cell instance from the same cell?

Hi experts,

   I have a question about the Cell instances, I have a model created with Microstation CE,   from the Cell Library, I place a Cell( for example, Cell1) three times, then i have three Cell instances in the model,

those 3 instances are from the same Cell library, so they have the same shapes(lines, arcs.. mesh....) , the question is that is there any way i can check those 3 cell instances are from the same Cell defined in the cell library?



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  • Hi Rick,

    actually that post did not answer my questions directly.

    As far as I remember, it think it discussed the whole topic in quite complete way. But if there is anything unclear or specific, please identify area not covered the discussion.

    In your origina post, there are two separate topics:

    • Does a cell remember its original cell library? Answer: No, it does not. In specific situations you can deduce this information when a cell has the same name and the same content, but in general it's not enough, because there can be another cell library with completely the same cell inside.
    • Do MicroStation knows cell instances are the same and the same cell library was used? This is far more complex question and you did not specify whether you use normal or shared cells. Different options are covered in the mentioned discussion including Bob's recommendation of MDL functions that can be used.

    With regards,