is it possible to check whether the cell instance from the same cell?

Hi experts,

   I have a question about the Cell instances, I have a model created with Microstation CE,   from the Cell Library, I place a Cell( for example, Cell1) three times, then i have three Cell instances in the model,

those 3 instances are from the same Cell library, so they have the same shapes(lines, arcs.. mesh....) , the question is that is there any way i can check those 3 cell instances are from the same Cell defined in the cell library?



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  • try to tell whether the normal cell instances are from the same cell library

    As Jan wrote, it's possible that two cell libraries could each contain a model (cell) having the same name.  Over the years we have read on the MicroStation Forum how much grief that possibility has created for standards  checking.

    for example, a cell install have only a line geomerty, what i am trying to do is that found all the cell instance that have only one line, and the line's length, and direction..., i know is hard, but wantt to evaluate whether it is possible from technical perspective

    You're right: it is hard.  I suggest that you design a C# CellSignature class.  A CellSignature will contain a map of element types, indexed by count.  Two cells that contain identical elements will have identical maps.  If they contain identical elements, you can continue to match the geometry of each element.

    There may be better ways to do what you want, but the signature concept has worked for me elsewhere.

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