[SDK CE U11] Location of preprocess and postprocess files?


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I played a bit with features and macros in MicroStation SDK and tested whether I can use preprocess and postprocess files for anything valuable and potentially simplify my own "wrappers" around MicroStation SDK.

My question is where both files should be located?

Based on my analysis it seems two different places are used depending how SDK shell is started:

  • When SDK shell is started with normal priviledges, both mscesdk1000_preproc.bat and mscesdk1000_postproc.bat are searched in SDK installation (C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStationCONNECTSDK\ by default).
  • When SDK shell is started "as administrator" (recommended mode), these files are searched in C:\Windows\system32\, which is not very usable.

Is there any configuration to search for the files in fixed location?

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  • Hi Jan,

    When creating the first version of the MSCE Developer shell I thought it may be useful to provide pre/post shell processing. Really not sure how used or useful it is to others, but it can be used as intended to do some extra stuff before or after the MS environment is called.

    FYI. Early on prior to detecting and calling vcvars32.bat I used it for that purpose, then for leaving breadcrumb messages; e.g. Like todos, list of folders/projects in need of work, etc.  This will be supported as long as we continue to use batch scripts for the development environment, though someday we may add/introduce a more powerful/effective PowerShell development path. Lastly, MSCE SDK U12 when adapting to the folder re-organization between VS2015 and VS2017, I decided to future proof the changes of calling VS development environment by introducing override variables (set in SDKPrefs.bat or OS Cfg vars) of: _SDKINITVS, _SDKVSTOOLDIR and _SDKVSTOOLCMD; which you could detour to your own custom VS development initialization if truly needed.

    As for "where" the pre/post proc scripts can be located, I use Microsoft's "where.exe" tool to locate where you may have your own custom pre/post scripts - either: in the current directory, or anywhere defined in the OS system path.

    Please let me know if you have other needs or requirements that cannot be met using the above optional/customization paths.


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