[CE UPDATE 12 C++] DEVEV command unknown

Just installed VS2017 Pro and CE Update 12 SDK , BuildAllExamples worked fine (couple of missing includes in 2 examples) but otherwise OK, however key in DEVENV and says its an unknown command? Any ideas...

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  • something definitely not loading correctly with the Developer Command Prompt VsDevCmd.bat file as it shows as missing.

    Hi ,

    MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 12 (and SDK) underwent some larger scale changes in the move to Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 due to (good) side-by-side and platform dependent toolset location changes.  Microsoft's best practices are now to use VsDevCmd.bat vs. vcvars???.bat VS shell initialization.  The recommended VsDevCmd.bat is now the default VS dev environment called for setup, but I also wanted to create some overrides for any (custom) tool path and file name required; just in case things change or we cannot anticipate, we can still adapt quickly.  If you may have not seen the most recent SDK Announcement for Update 12 I have updated the Requirements section providing all the details that I have verified are needed/required at this time for Visual Studio and to provide convenience links to some of the most common VS related tasks and background mentioned above (if helpful).  So, if you can please check your current VS configuration against the Requirements and let me know if they help resolve the issue(s) or if you need more assistance afterwards and I will try to help resolve the issue(s) as quick as possible.


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