[CONNECT C++] File HelloWorld.ma does not contain MDL application HELLOWORLD

Installed Powerdraft CONNECT on same machine where is Microstation CONNECT Edition developement environment and now all MDL apps which compiled before without issues compiles with this error - "file does not contain MDL application".

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  • Hi Oto,

    Not sure where it is defined but also for other projects the DllMdlApp is not defined in resources. It seems to link automatically at compile.

    It's quite interesting finding, because DllMdlApp has been always presented as mandatory part of MDL application. But maybe when there is one dll and everything is named in the same way, it works even without DllMdlApp definition.

    Maybe can provide some insight?

    Removing this from resource file did the trick:

    But it's not the solution, only workaround. It's nothing wrong with DllMdlApp definition, it's standard MDL applications construction and is used also by all native code MicroStation SDK examples (which work fine as you wrote).

    Maybe there is a problem with the .r encoding? I am not sure whether rcom is UTF8 aware... but DllMdlApp use wchar_t, so it should be ;-)

    With regards,