[Connect | V8] [C# | C++ SDK] Finding Xattributes quickly and selectively, without the detour via "search element"?

To work with Xattributes, you need an ElemendHandle whether you work in managed or native code.


But what will be best practice to find some elements in such a case:

  • DGN with some several thousand elements
  • Some 3% elements with Xattributes
  • Some 20% of these have an interesting XAttributeHandlerId

The typical workflow: “scan for elements” -> “test for X-Attributes” -> “find XAttribute with XAttributeHandlerId” -> “analyses X-Attributes” will take its time.


Would it not be much faster, to scan through the Xattributes-cache for fitting XAttributeHandlerId?

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  • Hello ,

    I shout Heureka!

    During my experimenting with the second - different from Yongan.Fu's prototype -   parameter in my declaration I stumped over extern "C" and suddenly with: extern "C" Public int mdlScanCriteria_setXAttributeTest(...) both versions linked.

    I guess I have overseen extern "C", because it is normally allover a header-file.

    Thank all of you so much!


    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
    Volker Hüfner

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