vba edit command

 almost forgot this information.

When using Key-in VBA EDIT filename.mvba which works great, but I tried to find how to add the macro name also

Example: VBA EDIT myfile.mvba Macro4 

I am sure for the knowledgeable it is easy could not find anything or I searched incorrectly

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  • tried Ctrl+F put in VBA edit, got No topics found

    You ran into one of the curious features of MicroStation VBA: there are two help documents.  One VBA help document is the standard Microsoft help that applies to all flavours of VBA (i.e. MicroStation, Excel, etc.) and the other is the Bentley Systems MicroStation VBA help.

    • When you move your cursor into a standard VBA keyword (e.g. Dim) and press F1 then Microsoft help pops up
    • When you move your cursor into a MicroStation VBA keyword (e.g. Element) and press F1 then MicroStation help pops up

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions