Help with moving MDL application to Ustn Connect - LinkageHeader structure not being found

Hello Everyone,

I am having trouble compiling the MT file to the R file. Below is the message from the BMAKE

The line number 40 in the .H file is "LinkageHeader lnkHdr"

[== Building C:\...\<appname>Linktyp.r, (C:\...\<appname> ==]
rsctype @C:\...\AppData\Local\Temp\Bentley\MicroStationSDK\objects\make.opt
MicroStation Type Resource File Generator 03.17.02
C:\...\<appname>Attr.h(40) : error: bad struct/union definition: expected type
C:\...\<appname>Attr.h(40) : error: expected ,, got linkHdr
BMAKE: call trace
    line:   84, C:\...\<appname>.mke
Mon Apr 22 15:26:07 2019, elapsed time: 0:02

typedef struct userDataHeader
    LinkageHeader    linkHdr;
    DSIDataHeader    dsiHdr;
} UserDataHeader;

What Include file or update do I need to make so that the MT file can be compiled to .r file