autorun run external macro

How is it possible to run a macro in  another .mvba from the Autorun

I have added some commands: in the Autorun

CadInputQueue.SendCommand "View Off All" 'Turn off all views
CadInputQueue.SendCommand "View On 1" 'Turn View 1 on
CadInputQueue.SendCommand "Window Tile" 'Resize View 1 to fit screen
CadInputQueue.SendCommand "Fit All" 'Start Fit All command
CadInputQueue.SendCommand "Selview 1" 'Apply to View 1

These all work, what I wanted to add was a Macro from Name.mvba and I know it is Module6.SetDefaults        

I can run the macro from the key-in command vba run SetDefaults and it works fine, but I was hoping to add it to the autorun

and eliminate extra commands