Basic to VBA Macro Conversion

I have what should work in VBA but if the hilight color and selection color are the same on a  new markup have had both yellow before also.

Anyway if they are both the same the following VBA fails, it only changes the highlight color to the same new color. I was asking for example

Cyan, Magenta ... I even tried scrip files and they also work as long as the two starting colors are not  the same. When opening a new markup

I had a button to change the two settings and only works if the two colors are different at the onset ?

CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "set hilite Yellow"
CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "mdl keyin calculat calc tcb->selectionHiliteColor=5"
CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "m,ms Yellow & Magenta"

the text on the screen says Yellow Magenta, but it will not change the selection set color

Is the results of the above, If I manually change the Gray and Gray to  say gray and blue

 Run the same macro above 

 it works, I cannot control what comes to me, but I do not like gray, gray or the yellow, yellow.

any help ?   Even the following script file works if the starting two colors are not the same

set hilite Green
mdl keyin calculat calc tcb->selectionHiliteColor=5
mdl keyin calculat calc tcb->selectionHiliteOverride=5
m,msGreen & Magenta

hoping I do not get taken to the wood shed on this question. 

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