[CONNECT C#] Addin is not trusted

Hoping someone can help me with this problem.

I made a c# wpf addin for MicroStation, its a dll. I can load it fine on my end. but i have sent this to someone else and when they try and load it they get error message that says 'OHDOTSHEETMANAGER' is not trusted. OHDOTSHEETMANAGER is the name of the app.

then in the Message Details it says this...

'OHDOTSHEETMANAGER' could not be loaded because 'OHDOTSHEETMANAGER' does not have an authorized digital signature.

i found this post. 


but i checked and the user has MS_SECURITY = NONE. 

so i shouldn't need to have it have an authorized digital signature. 

anyone run into this before? i works fine on my computer, are there additional things within MicroStation that control this?