[CONNECT C#] Show Element Property Selection Dialog

Just wondering if the sdk has available the ability to show the select property dialog that has the properties of a selected element shown and allow the user to select a property an return that selection.

Basically what you see when you add a field to text to show a element property.



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  • I'm not that great with c++.

    Be aware Yongan did not mention C++, but C++/CLI, which is different language: C++ is a language compiled to native code and standardized as ISO norm. In contrast to it, C++/CLI is Microsoft proprietary port of C++ into NET world.

    C++/CLI is pretty ugly language in my opinion, merging not only good but also bad features of both worlds. But the unique and great feature is that a mixture of native and managed code can be done in one project, so it's often used, as Yongan wrote, to create wrappers between native and managed ... in other words, on one side it's possible to link and use native libraries, on the other to use such assembly as normal NET library.

    any help in how to set up a visual studio project to write my c++ functions.

    Not C++ project, but C++/CLI. In Visual Studio it's CLR class library template I guess.

    But I recommend in this case to ignore Visual Studio and to use bmake. To set up C++ project is not simple and to do the same for C++/CLI is even worse in my opinion. Bmake should setup everything for you and you can use mixed mode example(s) delivered with MicroStation SDK as a template.

    What is not intuitive, because it requires good knowledge how memory is allocated in native code and how in NET, is to write managed wrappers around native classes properly. But in fact it's quite mechanical work and is well documented in many blogs and articles.

    With regards,