[CONNECT C#] Show Element Property Selection Dialog

Just wondering if the sdk has available the ability to show the select property dialog that has the properties of a selected element shown and allow the user to select a property an return that selection.

Basically what you see when you add a field to text to show a element property.



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  • ended up just writing the wrappers in c# with dllimport

    Technically there is no difference between P/Invoke (dll import) and C++/CLI. But in C++/CLI you don't have to take care about proper marshalling and all other native/managed conersion, it's done automatically. And because your code is responsible for a class instance lifetime, you can implement memory (de)allocation exactly as necessary.

    ... in fact often the most of the wrappers code is to create native instance when managed class is created and to call native destructor explicitely when managed class is disposed.

    so to make sure I understand what your saying is to not setup a Visual Studio project and just use bmake?

    It's just my preference. Whatever bmake does, you can also configure in Visual Studio, because at the end the same tools with the same parameters are called. Maybe it's just a heritage from V8i, when experienced a lot of problem with VS2005 used for C++/CLI projects and it was acceptably difficult and at the end working smoothly to use bmake.

    I assume it's now easier with VS2017, but bmake would be my choice again (in fact it was already for one wrapper I had to create for I guess Update 4).

    what about debugging...

    Debugging has nothing to do with what tool(s) was used to compile the assembly. When proper files (dll, pdb) are created, the debugging should not be any problem.

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