[CONNECT C++] Setting up C++ Visual Studio Project problems

hoping someone might be able to help me out. I have been writing addins in C#, but now im trying to start out with using c++/Cli for some wrappers. but I'm getting errors from the start...

here are the steps I took to create a c++/Cli  class project.

1.open VS2015 and create new c++/CLI class project,

2. close and open the sln file from MicroStation SDK command prompt

3. add include location to properties.

4. add lib location to properties

5. then all I did was start to add using statements to my header file. I only added #include<Mstn\MdlApi\MdlApi.h>

once I added that I got 2 errors.

cannot open source file "_config-eccp.h"

and #error directive: Data Alignment must be defined in basedefs.h.

im a newbie what it comes to c++...

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  • Jan,

    There are tens and problably hundreds of "how to wrap native for managed access"

    while I agree that there are examples out there. and I have used them. and have successfully created ones. the main difference I guess comes down to the bmake files I think, which the example does have some stuff.

    but I was more so talking about an c++/cli example as a visual studio project (with a solution file I can open). I cant get that part to work, most likely because of the make files if I had to guess.

    It's funny to see how personal perspectives, based on different experiences

    yeah I tried to go the cli route first, just not good enough with the make files. the export to c route was really easy, but only after using the visual studio extensions Robert linked..since the main problem im having is with the set up. Too bad this stuff wasn't in .net then I wouldn't have to go down this road...im great with c#..i try to avoid c++.