[CONNECT C++] Setting up C++ Visual Studio Project problems

hoping someone might be able to help me out. I have been writing addins in C#, but now im trying to start out with using c++/Cli for some wrappers. but I'm getting errors from the start...

here are the steps I took to create a c++/Cli  class project.

1.open VS2015 and create new c++/CLI class project,

2. close and open the sln file from MicroStation SDK command prompt

3. add include location to properties.

4. add lib location to properties

5. then all I did was start to add using statements to my header file. I only added #include<Mstn\MdlApi\MdlApi.h>

once I added that I got 2 errors.

cannot open source file "_config-eccp.h"

and #error directive: Data Alignment must be defined in basedefs.h.

im a newbie what it comes to c++...

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  • how to set the project so that  "_config-eccp.h"  error is gone and can make the whole MS example compile?

    Each time a new SDK is published, I test it by building all the examples (both managed and native code).  I don't know which version of the SDK you are using.  However, I have successfully built the examples in all versions of the MicroStation CONNECT SDK.  The error concerning file _config-eccp.h does not appear.

    I haven't figured out the conditions when that error does occur.  It's simpler to undefine the symbol in a header file.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions