How to use MicroStationDeveloperShell.bat in MicroStation CONNECT Edition 12 SDK?


how to use MicroStationDeveloperShell.bat? I already read the readme file and watched the bentley youtube tutorial but i have no clue how to get it working. Maybe i missed something.

  1.  The first thing i tried was running the "MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK" shortcut from the windows start menu as administrator. After some seconds the cmd windows completed with scanning the drives of the pc. As mentioned in the tutorial video i tried to start visual studio with the devenv command. But no luck only the following error message: The command "devenv" is either misspelled or
    could not be found.


2. The second thing i tried was using the MicroStationDeveloperShell.bat directly with the following command: MicroStationDeveloperShell.bat "E:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\", "E:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStationCONNECTSDK\"

The only result i get is a repeating error message: The command "E: \ Program" is either misspelled or
could not be found.

Any suggestions what i'm missing?