[CONNECT .NET] ECProperty incompletely documented

The .NET ECProperty appears to lack capability found in the C++ equivalent.  For example, the MicroStationAPI distinguishes between a property name and its display label.  The display label appears to be unsupported in .NET in the documentation for IECProperty.

Likewise, the methods to set/get the EC type name are absent in the documentation.

  • EC began life as a .NET-only API. The .NET API is far more complete than the C++ API.

    .NET ECProperty most definitely has a display label.

    Are you pointing out things missing from the docs, or from the API? Can you be more specific?

  • Are you pointing out things missing from the docs?

    Yes: the documention is incomplete.  There is no comprehensive coverage of IECProperty...

    IECProperty help

    Are you pointing out things missing from the API?

    No: they are present, but with different methods than C++. For example...

    .NET C++
    IECType t = prop.Type; WString GetTypeName ()

    Different names plus incomplete docs. create unecessary guesswork.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

  • Hi ,

    Not to side-track from your conversation/progress with Paul, but two quick things...


    There is no comprehensive coverage of IECProperty...

    Our build processes typically build once then reuse last known good (LKG) parts like in this case selective help files or topic content.  Where something built at a lower EC layer (e.g. ECObjectsAPI.chm - likely the IECProperty details you are looking for) are then selectively "consumed" as dependencies at higher layers though often not cross-linking between different help files/distributions.  ECObjectsAPI.chm (having the most details at the lowest layer and less at higher layers - likely not linked) are then consumed by DgnPlatformNet and MstnPlatformNet layers/products (and sdks).

    2. As per above though not linked, can you see if the delivered ECObjectsAPI.chm provides enough information (though likely not consistent method/type naming across APIs) for IECProperty?

    One additional note is MSCE SDK U13 will be providing more chm help files for EC.