Example MsgBox with a Prompt, yesNoCancel [Title]

I have tried over and over to put together a working Message box

Dim Prompt As String, Tilte As String, Status As String, Status2 As String
Dim Buttons As Integer

Prompt = "Welcome to Learning 5"
Title = "Unload File Check"
Status = "Was Unloaded"
Status2 = "File NOT Unloaded"
Buttons = vbOKOnly + vbCancel
MsgBox (Prompt)

I got this far, the Prompt shows the "Welcome to Learning 5"

Every time I tried adding second line of text with the & vbCrLf & Status got an error, I tried the "Status", I tried [Status]

If I just did (prompt + Status it worked but a mess, wanted two lines, plus I wanted the vbYesNoCancel buttons to pop-Up and I wanted a Title for the box

Anyway I called myself searching various ways

MsgBox Examples, Examples of MsgBox Function. Found a lot on Excel on-line but could not seem to make a working one for a starting point.

Jan gave me an example of Macro using variable and I was able to follow the working format on that. I keep looking for a working example

to learn from. Someone please help? No Will someone help me

This also was a failure MsgBox "Test Message Wanted" & CStr(This), vbOKOnly, + CrLf "Check"