Timer() Code failure

I have read a lot of questions, I have also taken advice on the Goggle the question and spent hours trying to get a simple timer

I tried using the Timer() feature but Debug does not like what I have . I called myself copying it correct I had even tried making a Dim Timer just in case.

Will anyone help me figure this out? Please See below tried to paste in the error message received and I read the help on it but still do not know what is wrong

Type mismatch (Error 13) 

is where is read?

Sub PauseCodeOld1()
Dim Start As Single ' Snapshot of when timer started
Dim Elapsed As Single ' Total time elapsed
Dim Pausetime As Single ' Desired duration in seconds
Dim TimerTemp As Single ' store current value of Timer function
Dim Timer() As Single ' Added trying to stop the Subscript out of range (Error9)
' modified to as Single 081619
If (MsgBox("Press Yes to pause for 5 seconds", 4)) = vbYes Then
Pausetime = 5 ' Set duration.
'MsgBox ("Time Now " & Results)

' Store current Timer value
' Timer is a VBA function that Returns a Single representing
' the number of seconds elapsed since midnight.
Start = Timer()

Do ' Begin a Do While Loop
DoEvents ' Yield to other processes and waste time.

' Calculate elapsed time
' Get current value of Timer function
TimerTemp = Timer
' Calculate how many seconds have elapsed between now and Start
Elapsed = TimerTemp - Start
Debug.Print "Elapsed: " & CStr(Elapsed)

' Determine if the Elapsed time is greater than desired pause time
' If not, then repeat loop
Loop While Elapsed <= Pausetime

MsgBox "Paused for " & CStr(Elapsed) & " seconds"
End If
End Sub

This was the error, not sure if you can ready what is says Compile Error: Type Mismatch