Extract Item types attached to models with VBA


I'm trying to extract item type property values from my active file's models trough VBA.

I've edited the item type property value I'm trying to extract so it's different in all models, but I seem to often end up with the same value for all models, although I sometimes get some of the different values printed correctly. What could I be doing wrong?

Sub FindItemsFromModelReference3()

    Dim oItemLibs As ItemTypeLibraries
    Dim oItemLib As ItemTypeLibrary
    Dim oItem As ItemType
    Dim oItemPropHandler As ItemTypePropertyHandler
    Dim tests As String
    Dim oItems As Items
    Dim Success As Boolean
    Dim mdl As ModelReference
    For Each mdl In ActiveDesignFile.Models
        Debug.Print mdl.Name
    Set oItems = mdl.Items
    oItems.Refresh ("Ritningsinfo")
        Set oItemPropHandler = oItems.Find("Ritningsinfo", "Stämpel", oItemPropHandler)
        If oItemPropHandler Is Nothing Then
        Exit Do
        Debug.Print oItemPropHandler.GetPropertyValue("Rad 2")
        End If
End Sub

I'm running Openbuildings designer connect edition update 5.