[Connect Edition 13] Problem with mdlDialog_itemDraw and special characters


We develop application in french language so we often use accentuated characters.

Since we have migrated our application in Connect Edition, we have problem of displaying our accentuated characters in our dialog boxes.

In fact, we have redefine a resource and our application read the resource to display it in the dialog box:

The resource is defined like this

AlmToolsDlgBoxRsc DIAGID_PlDrapTexte =
{{1*XC, 0.25*YC, 20*XC, 0}, Label, 0, ON, ALIGN_LEFT, "Caractéristique", "", 0},
{{1*XC, 1.5*YC, 27*XC, 0}, ComboBox, CBXID_PlDrapNature1, ON, 0, "", "", 0},
{{29*XC, 1.5*YC, 12*XC, 0}, ComboBox, CBXID_PlDrapClasseReseau1, ON, 0, "", "", 0},


Here is how we have redefine the resource

typedef struct
Sextent extent;
RscType type;
RscId id;
UInt32 attributes;
UInt64 itemArg;
#if defined (resource)
Utf8Char label[]; /* label de l'item */
char auxInfo[]; /* access string */
long auxattr; /* attribut auxiliaire */
long labelLength;
Utf8Char label[1];
} DlgItemRsc;

Here is the part of code to display the items in the dialog box

DialogItem *itemP = mdlDialog_itemLoad(diagP, zmrscitemP, 0, ggAlmOwnerMDP, -1, NULL);
if (itemP != NULL)
mdlDialog_itemDraw(diagP, itemP->itemIndex);

Do you have an idea why our accentuated characters are not correctly displayed.

Thanks for your help