Finding Activevbproject.filename

I read the post between Caddcop andJohn, and followed the link, but it failed ? 

Not sure of how old the link is but I did want to read the information. I checked to see if I could just message Caddcop, but name did not show up.

I was hoping someone could furnish a link that might still be good

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  • I was trying to figure out how to use Debug.Print to show the macro names like you can do with 

    Debug.Print  ?   I did try to read the link you had posted to CaddCop, but it was apparently not there any more.  


    how or if you can do somekind of a debug.print to show the active file names of the macros. I know you can view them this way and close them this way,  one day I ran the VBA LOAD  ProjectName (whatever) I got the little error message

     or Unloaded 

    I was going to use the If ???  (filename) = False then

                VBA LOAD  ProjectName

    End if

    I read some where on MS page it was something like Activevbproject.filename but unable to get any results

    tried did not work. Yet will print out he file name ??

    Version: MicroStation V8i SS 10

    RJB Phillips III (Richard) Praise the Lord for His Mercy and grace in Christ Jesus