King Khan VBA help request


I was sent a private email from "King Khan" which reads:

Please help me SIR ROBERT
i am a newbie engineer from india i started working on MicroStation from 3 months back i want to learn VBA, basic macro, i jave thousands of files but less time as i belong too poor family i don't have money to keep and learn please helo me to learn about vba, and macro from basics it will be very helpful
Links please to learn with basics
I appreciate if you could help me in making my future better by learning microstation

This request seems more appropriate for a forum than for a private request. 

My first suggestion would be to do a Google search for "learn vba."  Even if it is related to Excel, it will be a good start.  You could continue with a Google search for "Microstation VBA" and find things like:

You may also look into books, like "Learning MicroStation VBA"