Makefile development: how to find the useable macros?

Hi MicroStation Programmers,

I have a question about developing makefiles for MDL. I am developing under MicroStation V8i SELECTSeries 4.

In the sample MDL project "basic" from the SDK, I found that it is using the marco "genSrc". The corresponding command in the basic.mke file is


To understand what this makefile is actually doing, I tried to find out where genSrc is defined. After spending a significant amount of time, I found that the definition of this marco hides deep in the out-of-box MicroStation files. Below is the "include" relationship:

             basic.mke-->mdl.mki-->ConfigurePolicy.mki-->MicroStationPolicy.mki (defines genSrc)

Now it seems to be a problem for me: if I am authoring another MDL like the "basic" sample, how can I know that there is such a genSrc marco I can use. It is almost impossible for me to browse 3 levels down the system .mki files to find the marco that I can use.

Is there any way I can find the list of marcos that I can use, such that I can develop MDL like the "basic" sample?

Thank you!