[CE U14 & U13 & U12 SDK] Still Missing slash in winntmdl.mki => fatal error LNK1181

How many more times will I have to complain about this? It is only one little `\` missing.

ntLib = ${ntTools}\lib/x64/

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  • Hi ,

    Thanks for your quick response!

    But mine definition also has a backslash at the end, because it is a shell variable and not a makefile variable.


    Of course I could trick the system with a double or tripple slash or backslash. But IMHO `{}` stands for "cleaning up the path to avoid double or tripple slashes" 

    I suspect that the correct use of `{}` in Makefiles is as I have written here ce-u13-sdk-missing-slash-in-winntmdl-mki-fatal-error-lnk1181.
    Or am I mistaken, and the - in my eyes unclean - use of `\/` is the recommended procedure?

    As a workaround it is of course a possibility. But of course, collateral damage can occur elsewhere.

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    Volker Hüfner

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